What will Happen when my Pet dies??

We constantly strive to improve our information in an effort to help pet owners at their time of grief, below we have laid out some guidance information to assist you to find a reputable and professional crematoria which will carry out cremation services on your behalf and at the same time provide professional  level of service allowing you peace of mind.

This is what DEFRA and the AHVLA say about the new voluntary Code of Conduct known as a Compliance Certificate introduced by The National Federation of Private Pet Crematoria, the trade industry’s only independent federation providing a National  Code of Conduct scheme.

“DEFRA and AHVLA acknowledge the value of this National Certification Scheme as provided by The National Federation of Private Pet Crematoria to support operators in meeting “Best Practice” in addition to the requirements of the Animal by-products regulations.”

If you are suffering from Bereavement please go to our “Articles Page” which we hope you will find to be of help by explaining the stages of bereavement which people suffering such a loss will experience.

Things to consider and Questions to ask – ALSO SEE our Articles on Individual Cremation and Pet Bereavement together with our Code of Conduct and the new NFPPC Compliance Certificate

1.  BEFORE you require such a service – locate your nearest Pet Crematorium, and ask as many questions as you wish, they should be quite happy to answer.  If one of our recommended Members are not within traveling distance contact your area Environment Agency who are able to supply a list of all premises.

2. Never leave your Pet with a Veterinary Surgery to dispose of unless you know where they will be sent and you are happy with their selection of a crematorium.

3.  It is your right to be allowed to take your Pet home or direct to a Cemetery or Crematorium of your own choice.  This is perfectly legal provided the body is disposed of within the legislation and is legal.  Make sure any facilities you use can produce the necessary Licence or Permit.

4. Make sure you are able to visit the crematorium or cemetery of your choice, BEWARE of premises who do not welcome visitors.

5.  ALL Pet Crematoria MUST hold a Carriers Licence to collect your pet from home or veterinary surgery, NFPPC Members hold an Annual Compliance Certificate to operate their facilities, which are issued by The NFPPC together with Approval from DEFRA and a COTC (Certificate of Technical Competence) together with Planning Permission for the site.

6. Ensure that all Pets are cremated at the crematorium where they have been taken, make sure they are not moved to other premises without your knowledge.

7. Ask friends and neighbours of their experiences and recommendations, there can be no better way to select a premises than from personal experience.

8. Make sure you understand what you are being offered and that this is the type of service you require.

9. Agree the cost of the service before you agree to leave your pet but remember it has been publisized in the national press that pet owners should be cautious if any individual cremation price is any less than £120.00, cheap individual cremation charges should be treated with caution whether arranged via your veterinary surgery or if you deal direct with a pet crematorium.

10. Look for a COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE holder and the NFPPC logo as a guarantee of service.