The NFPPC are pleased to welcome new Members,

large and small crematoria are

ALL WELCOME provided they achieve the standard of a Compliance Certificate

We hope we can all join together and help each other, share information, work out solutions to problems, and as we have already successfully proven, by joining together we have a greater voice which will be heard.

The NFPPC has been consulted on by DEFRA, The Environment Agency and British Veterinary Association. Being able to have our say and put forward recommendations which effect our industry has been important and has proven to have been a great success, we will of course continue to strive for fair legislation for crematoria allowing the industry to continue to grow and develop.

The NFPPC is a non profit making organization, Members are kept up to date with legislation, provided with detailed advice on dealing with problems, supported through regulation changes and have legal advice available should this be required in addition to which they can obtain an Annual Compliance Certificate and template forms are also available for consignment notes etc., and help to ensure their paper trail is “legal” etc, full documentation on working practice and a strict code of conduct also provided.

NOTE: As from the 12th December 2010 the issuing of Permits/Licences by the EA for premises under 50kg per hour (only cremating cadavers) has been suspended on all incinerators pending a review of the legislation. There is currently much confusion as to who or what the regulations will be in the future but we are currently in discussions with the EA, DEFRA and the AHVLA. To apply for Membership please email your company details to: and you will be forwarded an application form for completion. Our Membership is paid annually the first year to include, Annual Compliance Certificate, Survey Visit and 12 months membership £500.00, membership runs from 1st April of each year and for new Members this is charged at a pro rata rate. Membership entitles you to display the NFPPC logo and provides you with an Annual Compliance Certificate and gives your business the benefit of our expertise, knowledge and information. Membership Renewal is currently £200 (this includes Annual Compliance Certificate)

The Annual Compliance Certificate and Code of Conduct is a National Scheme running throughout the UK and is available to NFPPC members and also NON MEMBERS who would like to participate in this Nationally recognized scheme which ensures that all pets are handled in the correct manner that owners would expect and that pet owners should be made fully aware of the services they will receive and how their pet will be treated to ensure peace of mind when handing over their beloved pet into the care of their selected crematorium.  - VISIT the Articles page and see  Compliance Certificate FOR MORE INFORMATION

DEFRA and AHVLA acknowledge the value of this National Certification Scheme as provided by The National Federation of Private Pet Crematoria to support operators in meeting “Best Practice” in addition to the requirements of the Animal by-products regulations.

QUESTION: Why would a pet crematorium not want to hold a nationally recognized qualification i.e., the NFPPC Compliance Certificate????

ANSWER:  Although this is voluntary accreditation, the NFPPC Compliance Certificate is a nationally recognized “Best Practice Standard” which acknowledges that a particular pet crematorium works to an excellent quality of service and complies to a standard of “Best Practice”.  Perhaps it should be assumed that a crematorium cannot or does not wish to meet the high standards required to hold this Certificate.

Listed below are the benefits of joining us and becoming a Member:

In increasingly testing economic conditions many businesses are finding that accredited certification is one tool that can help their business grow, in addition to providing confidence in their goods and services it is also having a positive effect on the day to day function of the business itself.

What is accreditation?  In essence, accreditation is a tool for ensuring the competence of a business to carry out one or more specified task.  Accreditation provides assurance that a business operates to a recognised standard, and are competent to deliver a consistently reliable and professional service.  Accredited certification also offers market differentiation and shows credible evidence of best practice.

Accreditation is something that businesses are choosing to seek to improve operations and provide customer confidence.  The NFPPC are now able to provide a Compliance Certificate, this certificate is based on the old EA permit and therefore any Pet Crematorium who has held an EA permit will have very little difficulty in meeting the requirements of the Compliance Certificate.

The NFPPC Compliance Certificate was set up after a meeting, discussions and correspondence with the EA, DEFRA and the AHVLA to set out an industry operating standard for pet crematoria throughout the UK and their public statement is as follows:
DEFRA and AHVLA acknowledge the value of this National Certification Scheme as provided by The National Federation of Private Pet Crematoria to support operators in meeting “Best Practice” in addition to the requirements of the Animal by-products regulations.

The Compliance Certificate is being made available to all qualifying pet crematoria throughout the UK who wish to provide a professional service, membership to the NFPPC is not a condition of application, but this voluntary accreditation scheme  we believe will be of benefit to our industry and provide participating crematoria with a professional accreditation to set them apart from those crematoria who do not wish to meet the high professional standards required.  We are publicizng this scheme both to the BVA, veterinary surgeries and the pet owning public throughout the country so do not delay, please request an application form and we will forward full details of the scheme.

1. Strength in numbers, the more Members the louder our voice.

2. Direct links to the pet owning public through the NFPPC website.

3. Providing the vet surgeries and the public with a guarantee of quality by holding an Annual Compliance Certificate.

4. Discounts on items purchases through the NFPPC, small quantities available to smaller establishments.

5. Full website listing.

6. Information networking, suppliers and services.

7. Bulk purchase opportunities.

8. Display the NFPPC Logo and produce your Annual Compliance Certificate as a guarantee of quality and service.

9. Nothing to loose but everything to gain!