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Bereavement Article

PET BEREAVEMENT Introduction We all grieve when we lose a Pet, this is a natural reaction because of the feelings we have are so special, the term is “the human-companion animal bond” and when broken there is a feeling of loss which can at times be overwhelming.  Often friends and relations do not offer a [...]

Children & Bereavement Article

BEREAVEMENT Children and the Loss of a Family Pet: How does a child deal with the death of a pet?  As a Parent, How can I help? It is very surprising how, if you are open and honest with children, they understand and accept the finality of death, although they are naturally very upset for [...]

Fake Ashes?

The Pet Crematorium boss who gave dog owners FAKE ashes Leaving bodies in a field to rot!! Most pet owners are by now aware of the terrible story surrounding the Peak Pet Crematorium in Derbyshire where instead of cremating the pets and returning the ashes to their owners, Emma Bent dumped the bodies in a [...]

Individual Cremation Article

INDIVIDUAL and/or PRIVATE CREMATION SERVICES QUESTION: What is an Individual or Private Cremation?? ANSWER: An Individual or Private Cremation is where the pet is cremated and the remains are kept completely separate during the whole procedure allowing the whole of the pets ashes to be returned to the owner. Much has been written on this [...]

Permit Suspension

ALL WASTE PERMITS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED INDEFINATELY Please note that from the 12th December 2010 the Environment Agency are no longer issuing Waste Permits to Pet Crematoria under 50kg per hour and in addition a COTC is not required to be held by April 2012 for sites only cremating cadavers, if you are cremating “other” [...]