Individual Cremation Article


QUESTION: What is an Individual or Private Cremation??

ANSWER: An Individual or Private Cremation is where the pet is cremated and the remains are kept completely separate during the whole procedure allowing the whole of the pets ashes to be returned to the owner.

Much has been written on this subject on various websites, many of which are designed to put fear into many pet owners at this very sad and difficult time.  It may help for pet owners to understand the process of cremation.  Each cremator must comply to specific regulations and be type approved by DEFRA, they are fully refractory lined to hold the extreme heat required inside the chamber with a ”start up”  minimum temperature of  850 degrees C which can rise to in excess of 1000 degrees C meaning a chamber can take many hours to cool sufficiently to allow access to remains, however with the use of numbered trays these may be removed to allow cooling to take place.

With these operating  temperatures in mind it is frequently accepted that by placing pets for cremation into high sided trays the containment of the remains is guaranteed without the necessity to wait for several hours to collect the remains from a chamber, this method also allows for pets to be cremated with the ashes returned on the same day in some instances.  This also means that each pets remains may be placed to cool prior to processing into ashes.  Some crematoria elect to sweep their chamber after cremation however the use of “wet” brushes is not considered to be good practice as much of the ash would remain stuck to a brush.

Crematoria who utilize a tray system will frequently use number embossed trays to allow full identification throughout the procedure.

Following the cooling of the remains these must be processed into ash,  each crematoria have a set process which the remains must go through to reduce the remains to ash, this can result in differing quantities of ash because for example those crematoria who elect to use a cremulator can process their ash to differing grades varying from a sand texture to as low as a flour texture, the corseness or grade of the ashes will affect the quantity.

Once the ashes have been processed they will be ready for placing into a Urn or Casket, again all styles will vary from crematoria to crematoria so please do make sure you know what each crematoria will offer.

It is a legal requirement that all crematoria operate under very strict regulations and are inspected regularly by the AHVLA and also Trading Standards.                                                 See our Code of Conduct, look at our Advice and read what DEFRA and the AHVLLA say about the NFPPC’s “COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE” visit our “About Us” page