Starting a New Pet Crematorium?

We receive many enquiries from people wishing to start a NEW Pet Crematorium

NOTE:  See our Article “Permit Suspension” and “Compliance Certificate”

The NFPPC can now offer a “Compliance Certificate” this has been supported by both DEFRA and the AHVLA. See their public statement about this voluntary industry scheme.

To obtain YOUR Compliance Certificate you can either join the NFPPC or have your Certificate issued as a non-member, inspections/approval is required to ensure your site is compliant.


How do I start?

What Licenses to I need?

What will the costs be?

How do I get work?

Will you only be carrying out work for the public?

Will you be servicing Veterinary Surgeries?

Will you include SRM, Clinical Waste etc?

What size of Incinerator will you be purchasing?

Will you be storing any waste?

We are able to answer ALL the above questions, take the time to read through our pages and articles.

NOTE: As from the 12th December 2010 the issuing of Permits/Licences has been suspended on all incinerators burning less than 50kg per hour and ONLY cremating cadavers, pending a review of the legislation.    There has been much confusion as to who or what the regulations will be in the future but we are currently in discussions.

Prior to the abolishion of the permit a pet crematorium could not operate without a current permit so do not be tempted to start and then try and meet the requirements.  Planning Applications can in most instances between 3-6 months so it is not advised that an Incinerator is purchased before approval.  Now the permits are no longer being issued it is possible for pet crematoria to start trading with only a few restraints, however, it is important for the industry, that we as a trade federation, ensure that all pet crematoria, both existing and new, keep to the high standards originally laid down by the EA.  With this in mind we make it our policy to survey all new members premises to ensure their practice and operation is in accordance with the standards laid down by the old permits and the NFPPC will then grant them an Annual Compliance Certificate, see full details of the Compliance Certificate voluntary industry scheme under “Articles”. Any application not meeting this basic criteria will not be accepted as members by this trade federation nor will they be granted a Compliance Certificate.

Due to the difficulties we are experiencing in connection with checking new applications in the light of the above permit changes it has been decided that to ensure only the crematoria who meet the new Annual Compliance Certificate will be accepted, this may mean that some memberships are not renewed but this is the price of keeping such high standards.  Surveys will be carried out during operations.  Due to the additional costs this will involve, all new applications will be required to pay an additional one off fee to cover these costs.  ALL NEW APPLICANTS will be charged an approval fee which will include a Survey, Annual Compliance Certificate and 12 months Membership £500.  Membership renewals will be £200 (including Annual Compliance Certificate)