Getting the Paper Work Right

Are you sure your Paper Work and Records are Correct ??

Members of the NFPPC may contact the Secretary for sample templates to cover their legal requirements.  We are able to provide templates for Pre-Acceptance Audits, Consignment notes (single or multi), Transfer Notes, Waste Segregation Posters and full information on recording waste to ensure your tracking of waste is in line with the current waste regulations.

NOTE: As from the 12th December 2010 the issuing of Permits/Licences has been suspended on all incinerators burning less than 50kg per hour (cadavers only), PLEASE SEE “Articles” regarding new regulations

ARE YOU THINKING OF STARTING A NEW CREMATORIA ?? Note our Article “Permit Suspension” and “Compliance Certificate”

Apply for your Annual Compliance Certificate

The NFPPC will shortly be providing a booklet which provides details of all permits and licence’s required, together with templates of forms and useful contact numbers, together with informative information supplied by those already working in this Industry.  Booklets will be available on request from The Secretary (see contact details) at a cost of £35.00 a small price to pay for years of experience in this industry pointing out in detail how to comply with current legislation and regulations and ensure you remain legal.