Code of Conduct

Welcome to the NFPPC

Our Members have  AGREED and ENTERED into a


Please note the reference to “Pet” throughout this Code of Conduct may also include any “Animal” and/or “Equine” Pets.

This will allow you to select a Crematoria of the highest standards providing you with complete peace of mind all NFPPC Members hold a “Compliance Certificate” indicating that they operate to the very highest officially recognized standards in the UK.  See Articles – Compliance Certificates and read what DEFRA and the AHVLA say, together with more information

1.   ALL NFPPC Members have agreed to offer a dignified personal service to the pet owning public.  These services MUST be carried out at the Members own premises however in the event of emergency or breakdown at a fellow Members premises.

2.  ALL NFPPC Members will ensure they hold the required permissions, licence’s and or permits, NFPPC compliance certificate and operate within the NFPPC Code of Practice to carry out the services being offered at their premises.

3.  Each Member will do their very best to ensure that each pet owner understands fully the services being offered and will ensure that the services requested are provided and carried out in accordance with the Clients instructions and in a professional and caring manner.

4.  Enquiry’s by the public and/or veterinary surgeries will be dealt with in an honest and ethical manner and visitors will be treated with compassion at all times.

5.  Members will agree to ensure that all pet owners and pets using their facility and services will be treated with care and dignity at all times and owners will be treated with sympathy and care at this sad time.

6.  Members may offer a selection of services to the pet owning public and veterinary surgeries which may include (A)  Individual Cremation where pets are cremated in such a manner as to ensure that the ashes are contained securely and remain separate from all other animals, allowing the return of ashes to the owner.  (B)  Group Cremation (usually in conjunction with environmentally friendly disposal), may also be offered to both the public, upon request, and veterinary surgeries, this allows two or more pets to be cremated together with no separation of ashes, in this instance the return of any ashes to an owner is not acceptable as any given sample may include other pet remains.  (C)  Services available to veterinary practices may include the group cremation of pets together with the collection and disposal of other forms of waste produced at veterinary surgeries.

7.  Each Member will ensure that the services they offer are clearly defined and set out to any veterinary surgery  with whom they deal and it is then the responsibility of each veterinary surgery to inform their clients of the services they may expect to receive from the crematoria which they use.  It is made clear that it is ultimately the sole responsibility of any third party to ensure their clients are properly informed.

8.  Members may also make other arrangements with veterinary surgeries in connection with any “waste” products for disposal, this may include SRM and Hazardous Waste, each Member will ensure that they conform to the correct procedures and hold the required permissions to carry out this additional service.

9.  This Code of Conduct is entered into voluntarily.

10.  Reported breaches of this Code of Conduct will be investigated.