About Us


As the only truly independent federation we have a responsibility to avoid scare mongering and provide the pet owning public with good sound advice,

we are also aware of our responsibilities to our Membership and other pet crematoria throughout the United Kingdom.Our aim is to assist the public with help and advice when seeking a reputable pet crematorium local to their home who will be able to provide the service and facilities they require.   At this very difficult time it is essential that pet owners have confidence and a full understanding of  the services being offered to them and for this reason we established our Annual Compliance Certificate and strict Code of Conduct to which our Members agree to adhere.

This Federation is primarily established to assist its members to keep up to date with the large amount of legislation imposed upon our industry but in addition we try to help the general public, who find it difficult and distressing at such a time to obtain realistic and proper advice.   It is our aim to ensure that the public can be confident when selecting a pet crematorium from our list of Members for the cremation of their pet, but at the same time it must be acknowledged that there are many more pet crematoria working successfully within the UK who  have no connection to any organization, although many of us may find this difficult to understand, especially as by being a Member we all reap the benefits, we do all reside in a FREE country and must acknowledge differing views, this is certainly NOT to say that crematoria who chose not to belong to an organization do an inferior job to those of us who chose to share our information and services but the Annual Compliance Certificate offers an added protection and security and is available to all pet crematoria in the UK (membership of the NFPPC is NOT a condition)

The Annual Compliance Certificate and Code of Conduct is a National Scheme running throughout the UK and is available to NFPPC members and also NON MEMBERS who would like to participate in this Nationally recognized scheme which ensures  that all pets are handled in the correct manner that owners would expect and that pet owners should be made fully aware of the services they will receive and how their pet will be treated to ensure peace of mind when handing over their beloved pet into the care of their selected crematorium.  We are pleased to be able to report that we have the full support of DEFRA and the AHVLA in this respect and can confirm their statement of support as follows:

DEFRA and AHVLA acknowledge the value of this National Certification Scheme as provided by The National Federation of Private Pet Crematoria to support operators in meeting “Best Practice” in addition to the requirements of the Animal by-products regulations.