WELCOME to the

National Federation of Private Pet Crematoria & Equine Services

known as the NFPPC

We are proud to be the first and ONLY truly independent Trade Federation in Europe offering help, support and guidance to both Pet Crematoria together with the pet owning public throughout the United Kingdom.  We will offer impartial guidance to the public as well as commercial advice to pet crematoria by providing both regulatory and professional assistance.

The Annual Compliance Certificate and Code of Conduct is a National Scheme running throughout the UK and is available to NFPPC members and also NON MEMBERS who would like to participate in this Nationally recognized scheme which ensures  that all pets are handled in the correct manner that owners would expect and that pet owners should be made fully aware of the services they will receive and how their pet will be treated to ensure peace of mind when handing over their beloved pet into the care of their selected crematorium.  We are pleased to be able to report that we have the full support of DEFRA and the AHVLA in this respect and confirm their statement of support as follows:

DEFRA and AHVLA acknowledge the value of this National Certification Scheme as provided by The National Federation of Private Pet Crematoria to support operators in meeting “Best Practice” in addition to the requirements of the Animal by-products regulations.

The NFPPC should not be confused with other similar organizations, all our members are approved under the Annual Compliance Certificate effective from 1st April 2012.  This Federation is truly independent and is not a “limited company”.

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Due to the fact that, unfortunately, ALL pet crematoria are for legal purposes  categorized under “Waste Disposal” we liaze regularly with, DEFRA, The Environment Agency, BVA and Trading Standards and have been able to put together very effective professional guidance for our Members by providing an Annual Compliance Certificate and a strict Code of Conduct for the protection of the public in connection with services to the public (including individual cremation services) together with a Working Practice for approved procedures for the disposal of veterinary waste fully endorsed and supported by The Environment Agency and used by our Members throughout the UK.

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